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Pulse Failover Router Solution is powered by Kika Enterprises.

We are located in the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale. Kika Enterprises has been an industry leader in mobile broadband since it’s inception nearly a decade ago. As one of the few companies globally that focuses solely on the disposition of cellular data devices, Kika has emerged as the go-to source in the wireless industry for USB modems, Aircards, Mifi Hotspots, Embedded Modules, Cellular Routers, Fixed WIreless Terminals and other mobile connection devices.

Our strategic dedication to this particular niche has allowed us to gain product knowledge and sourcing avenues that are unparalleled. Whether you are a Carrier, MVNO, Retailer, Wholesaler, or M2M Solutions Provider, Kika Enterprises can provide you with hardware customized to your exact needs at price points extending the best possible value.

We carry devices across all technology platforms and along every stage of the life cycle. Whether you are sourcing newly released, state-of-the-art devices or units that have been discontinued or considered end-of-life, we stock it all.

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About Pulse Failover Router Solution

Pulse is an automated self-managed failover solution that supports both wired and wireless connections simultaneously that is constantly monitoring your internet’s pulse. Once a failure has occurred with the wired connection, Pulse Failover Router Solution will accurately and automatically switch between your failed connection to the wireless service, keeping your internet always on.



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